As a proud South African, I simply enjoy sharing things about my country. Although my travel experiences are very limited, we have the wonderful internet with amazing photographers and vloggers who are just as in love with this amazing country as I am. Okay,  so during my usual scrolling of Facebook, I stumbled across this … More Rieldans!

6 months later

Cannot believe that it has been six months since my last blog post. Not to say that I haven’t been thinking of new things to write, it’s just that the actual writing never took place. Not even a poorly compiled draft. 😱 So, to my (millions of) followers <insert laughter, with sad head tilt > … More 6 months later

Fat and Happy

Yesterday,  I was insulted by someone purely because they had no other form of “attack”, or opinion that would be considered positive communication to bring to the discussion. I laughed it off, because having dealt with this person for many years, I knew that once they found themselves in a corner, this line “You’re still … More Fat and Happy

Thankful Thursday: Positive vibes is the DNA of my tribe

This Thankful Thursday didn’t take much thought or effort. I extremely thankful for all the positive people in my life, and those I get to come across while doing life. Those Encouragers and Optimists, who get you out of your funk, even when you don’t realise you’re in one. I’m thankful to the super cheery … More Thankful Thursday: Positive vibes is the DNA of my tribe

Growing Pains

Growing pains is described as recurring pain symptoms that are relatively common in children ages 3 to 12, usually in the legs and thighs. I’m not about to give any medical advice, but if you’ve ever witnessed this or remember having it, you will know it is quite unbearable. My son has these on occasion … More Growing Pains

The richest

You were one of a kind. Kind is exactly what you were. Like the first sightings of a diamond in the rough, you were misunderstood and discarded into the trenches of the ghetto. No one knew you were special, until you left this place. Your value suddenly increased, but you were taken to a place … More The richest